Real time information

Need to know when your bus is due?

You can now track most Stagecoach bus services in Cumbria, to see when they are due to arrive at your stop.

For departures from key stops in your town or for all departures on Key Services across the County.

Alternatively you can check your bus on a map for most operators in Cumbria. 

Scroll in and out for your bus stop. 

The map updates every few minutes, so your bus may be closer than shown.


Follow the links below for details from key stops

Broadgate (North) : Keswick (555)

Broadgate (South) : Bowness (599), Kendal (for Lancaster) (555)


Find your bus on a map (scroll in or out for your bus stop)


(*) Some services only run on certain days / times of day / time of the year. Details will only show when a journey is running shortly.

How to use

Some services have different numbers on certain journeys (eg 41 / 41A) so you may need to check both. Also some services (eg 300 / X4 / X5 / 555) are split into two halves, so you may need to make sure you are checking the right part.


Use the Stagecoach site to get times of buses from your stop 

  • Enter the stop name (or postcode if known) in the search box
  • Choose the most suitable stop from the list given
  • Use the links to see time of the next bus

If the word LIVE is not shown, the tracking system is not working and this is just the timetabled expected time   

Download the app for mobile phones

For details of delays and disruption check the Stagecoach Twitter site (you do not need to have a twitter account to access it)