Applying for a school place online closed on 15 January 2024.

If we receive your application after 15 January 2024 it will be treated as a late application. This means it won't be considered until we have dealt with all applications that were on time and allocated places to these applicants. 

If you send a late application after 15 January 2024 but before 9 February 2024 and you feel that there are exceptional circumstances that prevented you from sending your application on time, please include the reasons and provide all supporting evidence with your application. Your request will be considered and, if accepted, your application will be considered along with the 'on time' applications. If your request isn't accepted, or if you don't provide the information needed to confirm your exceptional circumstances until after 9 February 2024, your application will continue to be considered as late.

To make an application you can:

School Admissions and Appeals
Westmorland and Furness Council
PO Box 305
County Offices

Guidance on how to apply for a school place

Before you apply for a school place, please read through the Transfer to Junior School in Cumbria (PDF 2.6MB) booklet.  If you need a printed copy of the booklet, please contact the School Admissions and Appeals Team:


Copies are also available in all infant and primary schools and public libraries in Westmorland and Furness.  Page 9 of the booklet explains what happens to applications that are received after the closing date of 15 January 2024.

The closing date for applications is 15 January 2024. 

If you live outside Westmorland and Furness, you need to apply through your own Local Authority, even if you want to apply for a place in a Westmorland and Furness school.  You must confirm that you have read the booklet and provided accurate information before submitting your application.