The role of a social worker in the PEP process

All CLA must have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) this forms part of their care plan and is a statutory requirement.

The Care Plan is incomplete without a current PEP.

The PEP should be initiated as part of the care plan and must be completed within 20 working days of the child coming into care.

The PEP should be initiated by the child's social worker, in partnership with the designated teacher for CLA at the school.

The virtual school will attend the initial PEP meeting where the child is new into care.

For those CLA already in care, the virtual school will prioritise attending PEP meetings where there is a concern which would need further guidance or advice.

As social worker it is crucial that you're familiar with the statutory guidance, Promoting the education of looked after children and previously looked after children February 2018.

This guidance underpins the education planning process for children looked after.

Further information can be found within the Personal Education Plans