Changes to PEP

We have now moved to an electronic PEP, you will be contacted soon to set up your account.

A Personal Education Plan (PEP) is a document that captures the voice of the child, their attainment, progress and educational needs.

A PEP identifies how the pupil premium plus, will be spent to support positive outcomes and remove any barriers to their learning.

A new PEP is needed for each academic year.

The PEP should be initiated by the child's social worker, in partnership with the designated teacher for CLA at the school. 

The virtual school will attend the initial PEP meeting where the child is new into care. 

For those CLA already in care, the virtual school will prioritise attending PEP meetings where there is a concern which would need further guidance or advice. 

It is crucial that those working with CLA are familiar with the statutory guidance, Designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked-after children

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Watch our 4 minute 'Top Tips for a PEP' video

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