The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides you with the right to access information the council, as a public authority holds about you. Upon receipt of a valid request the council will:

  • provide you with a response within one month;
  • let you know if your request is subject to an extension; 
  • make reasonable efforts to comply with the format of your request;
  • inform you if your request is going to be refused or a charge is payable.

Under the Article 12(6) of the GDPR if the council is unsure about your identity it can seek additional information to confirm you are the data subject. Please note that:

  • additonal documentation is only required when the council cannot verifiy your identity using internal council systems that relate to the service you are requesting information about; 
  • the council will contact you for this documentation prior to processing your request;
  • the statutory deadline for responding to your request will start when you have provided the additional documentation;
  • failure to provide additional documentation may lead to the council rejecting your request.

To find out more about the documents that may be required by the council please read Guidance for Applicants (PDF 137kb).

To ensure that we can deal with your request as efficiently as possible you will need to include:

  • your current name (or any previous names);
  • your address (or previous addresses);
  • other identifiying information i.e. date of birth, employee number, managers name, council services you receive.
Any person, regardless of their age, can request information about themselves as long as they have the capacity to understand the information requested/provided.
Yes. There is no minimum age requirement for applicants. Children can apply for access to their own records provided they are capable of understanding the nature of the request and the information content disclosed.

You only have right of access to your own personal data. You do not have right of access to personal data about any other individual e.g. your family, friends or neighbours. 

The only exceptions are if:

  • you are a parent requesting information about a child (Please note: there is no automatic right to this data and if a child is considered mature enough to consent to disclosure the council will contact them first to discuss the request)
  • you are a solicitor requesting information on behalf of a client (Please note: a signed form of authority is required)
  • you have written authorisation to act on behalf of another person (Please note: written evidence of this authorisation is required)

You can submit a subject access request in the following ways:

Online: Make a Request
Post:     Information Governance Team, Cumbria County Council, 1st Floor, Cumbria House, 117 Botchergate, Carlisle Cumbria CA1 1RD
Phone:  01228 221234

If you need assistance with submitting your request please contact the Information Governance Team on 01228 221234.