As part of the County Council's approach to delivering its savings plans we restrict many of our current vacancies to internal applicants. Applications from employees working in 'Community' or 'Voluntary Controlled' schools will be considered as internal applicants.

Agency workers engaged in the Council are eligible to apply for internal only vacancies, providing they are still engaged at the time of and throughout the selection process.

The Council has many flexible working options available and many jobs within the Council can be carried out either on a part-time or job share basis. For further information please contact the recruiting manager.

It is extremely difficult to accommodate alternative interview dates where all interview panel members can reconvene and it will also delay the recruitment process. This is why the Council ensures that all job adverts specify the interview date so applicants know in advance when they are required to attend if shortlisted for interview.

There is no age limit for applicants. However, if you are successful and start work with us and join the pension scheme, the pension scheme retirement age is 65.

We encourage applicants to use our online application process which can be accessed from the current vacancies page.

We also provide an editable PDF version of the application form (PDF 613KB) . This can be completed electronically and emailed to Only applications made by one of these options will be accepted because often applicants can give too much or not the right type of information on a CV.

Closing dates are set so the recruitment process can be planned and managers know when they have to shortlist for interview. Closing dates are generally not changeable unless in exceptional circumstances and only with the prior agreement from the Corporate Director, Resources.

Online applicants will receive a confirmation email when their application is successfully submitted. 

For applications submitted by email, you will receive a response from us to acknowledge your application form has been received.

This information will be treated within the strictest confidence and with regard for the Data Protection Act 1998. The equality and diversity section will be separated and used for monitoring purposes only. The interview panel will not have sight of this form. Your personal details will be stored for a maximum of six months at which time they will be confidentially disposed of. If you are successful in your application your personal information will be kept securely on your personal file.

Cumbria County Council is a 'Disability Confident Employer' and we welcome applications from anyone with disabilities. As part of our commitment to positive action, we will automatically invite a disabled applicant to interview, provided that they meet the essential criteria for the post that they have applied for.

We will also provide any requested reasonable adjustments required throughout the recruitment process. Disability information is not used in any recruitment selection process.

No, not necessarily. So long as you can prove that you are capable of travelling on public transport and public transport is easily accessible to you this should not affect your application. If you think this may affect you or cause particular difficulties you should seek further advice from the recruiting manager as to the amount of travel that may be required to be able to carry out the job effectively.

You will receive confirmation of the date, time and venue in writing. The council aims to give you at least a week's notice. If you have not heard within three to four weeks of the closing date then you may assume that on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful.

The Council's Recruitment and Selection Policy details the criteria to determine whether interview expenses can be claimed. Expenses will not be paid for travel from outside mainland Britain.

This information will be contained within the information you receive about the job.

There are two levels within each job grade, Level A and Level B. All new entrants to the Council will start on Level A of the job grade for the position advertised.

Yes, if there is not more than a one week break between moving from one authority to another. Continuous service will also be counted if you currently work for the Local Police Authority, various schools and some other public sector bodies. To check please speak to the recruiting manager.

All external appointments will be subject to a 6 month probationary period irrespective of any previous continuous service. During this period a person's suitability for the post will be assessed and their continued employment subject to satisfactory reports. If at any time during the probationary period adverse reports are received, the Council may terminate an appointment by giving notice in writing.

If at any stage of the recruitment process you feel aggrieved that the correct procedures were not followed, you were treated less favourably or you want to pass on some feedback please write to: 

Customer Services
Cumbria County Council
Cumbria House
117 Botchergate

Please note that if you have previously left the Council for reasons of redundancy, the Council's procedure stipulates that your application will require consideration by the Executive Director in order to decide whether the circumstances would permit your re-employment and therefore whether or not your application can be progressed.

If for any reason a re-engagement is contemplated with a previous employee whose employment was terminated for reasons of compulsory or voluntary redundancy, or early retirement the Executive Director must give authorisation prior to any re-engagement taking place. This guidance for re-engagement includes:

  • temporary or part-time work
  • work undertaken as a consultant or on an interim basis
  • work undertaken as an agency worker.

If you have membership in either of the Firefighters 1992 or 2006 pension scheme and you leave and draw your pension (under any circumstances) your pension will be subject to abatement if you are re-employed or re-engaged by Cumbria County Council in any capacity. Abatement applies where your salary for the new employment, when added to the pension in payment (plus inflation) is more than the salary you received (plus inflation) at the point you retired/ left. In these circumstances the pension will be reduced to bring the level of total pay back in line with the salary at leaving. The abatement will be applied in full in all circumstances.

You will need to declare that you are in receipt of a relevant fire service pension in the event of any new employment with Cumbria County Council, to the Council and Your Pension Service. Overpayments will be reclaimed so it will be in your interests to discuss the matter with the recruiting manager at the time of your new appointment.  It is your responsibility to seek independent financial advice.

Cumbria County Council recognises it has a role to play in helping those leaving the Armed Forces fulfil their potential in civilian life. Veterans can find making the transition to civilian life extremely challenging, particularly in finding and securing lasting employment. To support this, the Council have introduced a Guaranteed Interview Scheme for Veterans.  This commitment is to guarantee an interview for any veterans that meet the essential criteria for the role and the Armed Forces was their last long term employer for roles where external recruitment is required only. The scheme is not a guaranteed job for Veterans, as selection procedures will ensure the best candidate for the job is appointed, based on the objective criteria of the role profile.  A copy of the procedure is available at Guaranteed Interview Scheme.