Carlisle - Caldbeck - Keswick - Patterdale ([Stagecoach 73])

The Service 73 is withdrawn and was replaced from 23 March 2024 by a new Service 553 from Carlisle to Keswick via Caldbeck (no longer calling at Hesket Newmarket or Ireby)

Also new Service 509 from Keswick to Patterdale via Aira Force

Buses in Winter (early November until Easter)

buses from 

Carlisle to Keswick see the Service 554

Castle Inn to Keswick see the Service 554 or Service X5

There is no direct bus from Keswick to Patterdale in the Winter but it is possible to travel via Penrith using 

    Service X4/5 : Keswick - Penrith

    Service 508 : Penrith - Patterdale