Having a steady and reliable source of income are two important stepping stones in moving into adult life. We see getting your money and accommodation sorted as two really important areas that we need to help you with. Whatever sort of accommodation you move into, be that your own flat, supported living a shared space, we will work hard to ensure it is safe and somewhere you feel comfortable in. We will also work with you to deal with any problems you have with your accommodation as soon as possible.

We also want you to have enough money to get involved in activities you enjoy, socialise with your friends and not fall into debt. There are many types of financial support we can help you access and we will work with our partners to ensure you can access their support and you are not sanctioned unfairly. All of which will ensure you can manage and budget your money effectively which will allow you to plan for your future life and any events which may happen along the way. There are lots of ways we can support you financially, you can find more information in our financial entitlements document

Your Financial Entitlements (PDF 424kb)