We recognise that just because you're a care leaver, this doesn't mean you can't go to university. The University and College Admissions Service (UCAS) have a specific webpage with lots of information on applying to university. Find more information here: 

In addition, the website propel has a search tool that allows you to see what support Care Leavers can access at each college or university. A link to propel can be found here:

Advice by UCAS

Support for Care Leavers by University or College

If you begin a university course, you will be able to access a Government Bursary. This will be equal to £2000 over the lifetime of your course or £500 for each of the three years and £500 upon completion. 

Your personal advisor will help you access the bursary.

You will also be able to access the following support to cover different costs you may encounter throughout your time at university:

  • Travel costs for up to 3 visits home per year as agreed within your care plan;
  • Vacation costs (e.g. accommodation costs for periods where you will not be staying in university accommodation);
  • Costs to cover travel and accommodation for a university interview;
  • Funding will also be available for an initial and return trip to university each academic year; 
  • Support for living costs of up to £4500 per year or up to £5200 a year if you study in London; 
  • Up to £500 as a grant payment to help you buy a computer and software before you start your first year of study; 
  • In addition, Care Leavers can receive an additional £250 per academic year to cover any other costs;
  • Emergency payments to deal with any money shortfalls, this will be administered as three separate payments of £15. You will have to undertake budgeting work with your personal advisor if these funds are accessed.

Your personal advisor will support you to access this funding