Are you already home educating or considering this option?

Firstly, it's important to say that you are legally entitled to educate your child at home, although most families choose to attend school.

Anyone can choose to home educate. You do not have to be a teacher or have any particular qualifications. 

Deciding to home educate means that you take full responsibility for all education and costs including any examinations.  We are here to support you. We have produced an information booklet (in the key documents below). We are happy to discuss your decision or answer any questions if you contact us directly.

How to get started

If your child has never been to school, you don't have to tell us. However, many people do, and this helps us to offer support and work in partnership.

If your child is attending a school, you need to write to the Head Teacher informing them that you wish to home educate (home- school). The school will then delete your child's name from the register and our team will contact you for some information; such as name, date of birth, preferred contact method and a brief outline of your education. This just helps us confirm that your child is not missing education.

If your child attends a special school, then you must contact us. The Head Teacher cannot simply remove your child for their register.

Please contact us if you require further information.

Further information

In order to support home educating families, the documents below give information on:

  • Home education information
  • Exam preparation
  • Exam centres
  • Resource websites
  • Special needs support - SENDIASS contact details
  • Being website and app aware-e security

This information is updated and added to when the need for information arises, such as aspects of safeguarding.