Public Health in Cumbria

Public health is about preventing disease and helping people to live healthier and longer lives by providing the information and support they need to do this. 

The council is responsible for a range of local public health activities such as: 

  • supporting NHS health checks for 40 to 74-year-old 
  • assisting drug and alcohol treatment services 
  • providing public health support and advice to Cumbria's new Clinical Commissioning Group 
  • ensuring good sexual health services 
  • developing ways to help reduce childhood obesity, including the national child measurement programme 
  • working with Cumbria's new Health and Wellbeing Board to develop joined-up solutions to some of Cumbria's long-term challenges.
  • increasing levels of physical activity in communities through Active Cumbria

The changes do not affect health care for treatment for injuries, illness or urgent medical conditions which remains the responsibility of the NHS.

Another new organisation, Public Health England, is responsible for commissioning vaccination, screening and immunisation programmes and providing strategic leadership on national public health issues.


Public Health
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