Our Responsibility

The Corporate Procurement and Contract Management Team are part of Cumbria County Council's Resources and Transformation Directorate. 

As one of the largest buyers within Cumbria, the Council is acutely aware that its spending patterns will affect, either directly or indirectly, the lives of many who live or work in the county.

The Council is committed to taking commissioning and procurement decisions in a responsible manner. Through procurement the Council intends to make a difference to the people, businesses and communities of Cumbria by strengthening community resilience and building social capital in the context of challenging financial circumstances faced by the Council in coming years.

Our Sustainable Procurement Strategy describes the Council's approach to procuring goods, works and services, and the on-going management of its commissioning, procurement and contract management activity.

Sustainable Procurement Strategy 2018/22

The Strategy has been developed at a time when local authorities are facing significant financial challenges and is therefore underpinned by a clear drive to identify savings across our procurement expenditure. The Strategy aims to:

  • Drive greater efficiency

  • Support local growth

  • Improve service delivery

and will therefore focus on:

  • Buying responsibly at all times

  • Robust, simple and legally compliant procedures

  • Implementing a development plan to train, coach and mentor

  • Embedding a culture of strong contract and supplier management

  • Working with our partners and other public sector bodies

  • Reaching out to the local supply base

Implementation of the strategy will ensure a single, corporate approach is adopted - ensuring the Council's commissioning, procurement and contract management practice and processes are consistent, high quality and efficient - providing value for money services and more effective use of resources.

In summary, the Council's strategic Procurement ambition is clearly set out within this document; it reflects the new Council Plan and our commitments and priorities to support the people of Cumbria.


Purchasing Responsibly

We develop and implement procurement policies and are committed to responsible procurement. We do this through implementation of the Social Value Act which includes the use of social, economic and environmental evaluation and clauses in our tendering exercises, but also through the council's e-procurement system which helps us to manage the council's supply base more efficiently. Wherever possible we aim to maximise best value and benefits available from commissioning and procurement.

Legislation and Legal Requirements

Corporate Procurement has responsibility for the council's compliance with the EU Procurement Directives and other procurement legislation and for the delivery of the milestones within the National Procurement Strategy for local government. In contributing to the achievement of the council's objectives Corporate Procurement supports the corporate theme of 'Improving Council Services'.