Animal Health and Welfare

Welfare complaints and animal by-products (carcases)

If you suspect that farmed animals may be diseased, abused, neglected, or otherwise suffering, our Animal Health and Welfare Inspectors will investigate all reported cases:

  • Quickly and in confidence
  • Within powers prescribed by law
  • According to codes of practice for investigators and prosecutors     

In doing so we often work closely with the Animal Health Veterinary Laboratories Agency.  There can be many reasons for failing to look after animals, and we do not necessarily resort to prosecution unless more supportive measures have failed.

We will also investigate reports of livestock animal carcases, and take appropriate action.

Please contact us to report any concerns you may have to Trading Standards, County Offices, Stricklandgate, Kendal, LA9 4RQ

Tel: 01539 713594    Fax: 01539 713580   Email: