The Vice Lord-Lieutenant is a senior Deputy Lieutenant appointed by the Lord-Lieutenant to stand in for him/her when absent, sick or otherwise unable to act.  The Vice Lord-Lieutenant acts with the full authority of the Lord-Lieutenant.

The Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Cumbria is Rt Hon Lord Inglewood.

Lord Inglewood (Richard Vane) was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for Cumbria in 1993 and Vice-Lord Lieutenant for Cumbria in 2012. He is a Member of the House of Lords and a farmer, landowner and businessman in Cumbria.  He is Chairman of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.  He has been Chairman of Carr's Milling Industries, Chairman of the CN Group, President and Chairman of Cumbria Tourism and also Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications and the Ad Hoc Committee on Extradition Act 1993. Between 1989-1994 and 1999-2004 he was a Member of the European Parliament, first for Cumbria and Lancashire North and then one of the Members for NW England. In 1999 he was elected one of the hereditary peers to remain in the House of Lords.  He has also been a member of the North West Water Authority (1987-89) and the Lake District Special Planning Board (1984-90).

He is married to Cressida and they have two daughters and one son. They live at Hutton-in-the-Forest, near Penrith.