Supporting a child or young person with a health condition

In order to provide health support and advice for children in Cumbria, we offer an easy to access online E-School Nurse Service.

The video clinics are available for professional, parents and carers across the whole of Cumbria all day Tuesday and Thursdays.

Instead of being face to face, you will talk to the nurse over a live video link that is private and secure.

The nurse, in consultation with you will assess the child's health problems and provide you with support and advice.

For more information on the E-School Nurse video clinic please read the E-School Nurse Service user (PDF 302KB).

Please download our E-School Nurse poster (PDF 335KB) and display in your staff areas.

To book an appointment telephone: 01228 603973. 

These pages are here to offer first line information and guidance to schools for children with medical conditions; they include useful links for short and long term conditions along with pathways and example health care plans.

There is further helpful information on Common childhood illnesses , Long term health conditions and our Special needs pages.

Schools play a major role in ensuring a safe environment for children and young people with asthma. This section includes guidance and practical resources to support schools to care for children with asthma. 

We have created resources for use within schools but BeatAsthma now have an excellent website with practical downloadable resources to help provide a whole school approach to asthma.

If your school is in South Cumbria then you can be part of the Asthma Friendly Schools (AFS) Programme the resources are listed below, please email if you would like to achieve the Asthma Friendly School Status.


PH 5-19 Asthma Pathway (PDF 422k)

PH 5-19 Asthma Training Power point

Care Plans

Asthma Care Plan South Cumbria (PDF 443KB)

Asthma Care Plan Secondary South Cumbria (PDF 383KB)

Wheeze Care Plan South Cumbria (PDF 524KB)


Letter 1 to parent (emergency inhaler used)

Letter 2 to parent (emergency inhaler used for the 2nd time)

Letter 3 to Doctor (liaison with doctor that emergency inhaler has been used)

Letter 4 End of term letter to parent (suggesting a asthma review in the holidays)

Letter 5 Pharmacy letter (to order medication and equipment)


Emergency Kit Inventory (PDF 149KB)

Emergency Kit monitoring sheet (PDF 217KB)

Emergency recognition treatment (PDF 198KB)

Children permitted to use emergency inhaler record sheet (PDF 198KB)

Emergency inhaler record sheet (PDF 203KB)

How to help a child use a spacer (PDF 474KB)

How to recognise an asthma attack (PDF 448KB)


Cumbria County Council Managing Asthma in Schools

DoH Emergency inhalers in school (PDF 480KB)


Inhaler and spacer technique videos from Asthma UK useful website for resources please scroll down the page for the videos website with lots of information and resources for parents, schools and young people

Supporting Children's Health an Edcuation for Health resource - free asthma module online training for anyone who works with children

Better Care Together is 11 health and care organisations across Morecambe Bay implementing new ways to enable the public to lead happier and healthier lives.

To support parents/carers and their families they have produced some self-care films about common childhood illnesses:

High temperature video

Coughs, colds and breathing video

Thread worm video

Sore throat video

Gastroenteritis video

Head lice video

Ear ache video

Constipation video

Eczema video

If your child needs urgent medical attention call your usual out-of-hours GP services, go to your local emergency department or dial 999.

Advice on staying well this winter. 

Better Care Together