The Planning Portal website provides the facility for submission of all applications except those for new Minerals Proposals (new development on or adjacent to an existing mineral site or new proposals for opening up a quarry). For such Minerals Proposals the Minerals Application form and supplementary information sheet should be completed.

In order to submit an application on the Planning Portal, you will first need to register to set-up a user-profile (if you haven't done so already). This is a quick and easy process.

Alternatively you can download the relevant application form, help text, and guidance notes and submit your application by email to or in paper form to:

County Hall
Busher Walk

When submitting in paper form, four copies of all the application documents are required to be submitted.

Please note that applicants are required to serve notice of an application for planning permission on any person (other than the applicant) who is an owner of the land to which the application relates, or a tenant. Please find a link below to a template form for serving such notice.