The Minerals and Waste Planning Team manage planning applications relating to quarries, mines, landfills and various other forms of waste related development within Cumbria outside of the National Parks. It also handles some applications relating to Council developments such as new highway schemes, schools and other council offices and services. 

For an interim period only, the Minerals and Waste Planning Team will operate as a shared service working for both new unitary councils within the County. The team is hosted by Westmorland and Furness Council.

Search, view and comment planning applications for minerals, waste and council developments    

Planning applications for householder, residential, commercial and all other types of development are dealt with by other planning teams within Westmorland and Furness Council or Cumberland Council unless the site lies in a National Park. The National Park Authorities deal with all planning applications that are within their boundaries (including minerals and waste proposals).

The Minerals and Waste Planning Team are responsible for the following aspects of the planning system that relate to Minerals and Waste developments:

  • preparing planning policy (the policies against which proposals are assessed)
  • assessing and determining planning applications
  • ensuring compliance with planning permissions (ie planning conditions and the approved scheme)
  • takingenforcement action against any unauthorised minerals or waste related developments or activities.