Planning Contributions for Infrastructure

Planning Obligations Policy Document

In September 2013 Cumbria County Council's Cabinet adopted the County Council's Planning Obligations Policy Document.  This sets out the Council's policy approach to seeking developer contributions towards infrastructure through Section 106 agreements as part of the planning process.

Planning Obligations Policy Document

Why was the Planning Obligations Policy document produced?

The Planning Obligations Policy Document was prepared to help ensure new development provides sufficient infrastructure to meet the demands it creates where provision is not already available. 

It is considered this document will bring benefits in providing heightened certainty to the development industry and Local Planning Authority partners in terms of our expectations whilst acknowledging the differing viability of development sites.

What does the Planning Obligations Policy document seek to achieve?

It seeks to achieve fair and reasonable contributions towards the cost of the provision, maintenance or improvement of additional highways and transport, surface water management, adult social care, education and safer communities infrastructure required as a result of that development in accordance with legislation.

Cumbria County Council will seek to work closely with Local Planning Authority colleagues and the development industry to achieve the implementation of the policy. 

How was the Planning Obligations Policy developed?

The policy document was subject to a stakeholder consultation between December 2012 and January 2013.  Through this process a number of responses were received and these were used to help refine the document.  Following this consultation process the document was brought to Cumbria County Council Cabinet in September 2013 where it was agreed for it to be adopted as County Council policy.