Healthy Habits 4 Life Programme

Healthy Habits 4 Life Programme

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This is a FREE programme for families in Cumbria targeted at promoting a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Families will be offered 1:1 support on a range of areas including:

  • Nutrition
  • Active Lifestyles
  • Healthy habits
  • Wellbeing

A Public Health Practitioner will meet with you at a time and place to suit you and your family, this could be in your own home, at school or by video and will work with you over a number of weeks.

If you would like to know more or want your child to be included please make an appointment in the E-School Nurse clinic by ringing 01228 603973.

Session 1 is all about 'healthy lifestyles' the aims are:

  • To become familiar with the Healthy Habits for Life Advisors
  • To understand the activity book and structure of the sessions
  • To understand the benefits of making lifestyle changes for their family
  • To consider having a baseline measurement of height and weight
  • To think about family routines
  • To start a food and activity diary for the review at the next session

Parent and Carer Resources Book Contents 

You and your Family (PDF 218K)

Hydration (PDF 262K)

Sleep (PDF 229K)

Daily Steps (PDF 373K)

NHS Support Apps (PDF 279K)

Parent and Carer Activity Book Contents

Motivation Measure (PDF 490K)

Bubble Task (PDF 235K)

Action Plan (PDF 202K)

Activity Diary (PDF 193K)

Recording Page (PDF 240K) 

Child and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Hydration challenge 1 (PDF 232K)

Hydration challenge 2 (PDF 301K)

My favorite meal (PDF 161K)

Step challenge (PDF 647 K)

Session 2 is all about 'eating well' the aims are:

  • Review and action planning.
  • To Review the 'food diary'.
  • To discuss any potential barriers to changes.
  • To gain a full understanding of the 'Eatwell Guide' and how to use this.
  • To create an action plan with an identified area of change

Parent and Carer Resource Book Contents

How to build a healthy meal (PDF 355K)

Healthy breakfast (PDF 238K)

Healthy lunch boxes (PDF 231K)

Healthy snacks (PDF 243K)

The hunger scale (PDF 336K)

Mix and match meal chart (PDF 197K) 


Chicken pie and peas (PDF 282K)

Egg and cress roll with vege sticks (PDF 300K)

Eggy bread with grilled tomato (PDF 357K)

Omlette with mushrooms and toast (PDF 283K)

Tuna and tomato pasta (PDF 368K)

Parent and Carer Activity Book Contents

Bubble Task (PDF 235K)

Child and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Eatwell Quiz (PDF)

Plan a Healthy Meal (PDF)

Useful Links

Session 3 is all about 'finding the balance' the aims are:

  • To explain 'energy in v energy out'
  • To understand portion size for young people
  • To introduce the 80/20 and meal maths approach
  • To discuss healthy swaps and understanding food labels (looking at the food scanner)
  • Looking at labels
  • To introduce meal planning for a week

Parent and Carer Resource Book Contents

Meal Maths (PDF 349K)

A guide to portion size (PDF 236K)

The 80/20 approach (PDF 411K)

Meal planning (PDF 227K)

Mix and match meal chart (PDF 197K) 

Restrictive eating (PDF 264K)

Parent and Carer Activity Book Contents

Bubble task and action plan (PDF 253K)

Label reading (PDF 439K)

Meal planner and shopping list (PDF 237K)

Children and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Sugar detective (PDF 225K)

I can crow a cress head (PDF 236K)

Try new foods challenge (PDF 210K)

I can eat a rainbow (PDF 236K)

Session 4 is all about 'being active' and the aims are:

  • To understand why physical activity is important for health.
  • To take part in physical activity that they enjoy or consider a new activity
  • Think about screen time                                                
  • To think out about family activities                       
  • To provide ideas on activities both locally and online
  • To become familiar with what can count as physical activity, and targets for amount of time spent in physical activity for different ages.

Resources to support the session

Active play ideas (PDF 161K)

Be active and have fun (PDF 314K)

Encouraging physical activity (PDF 318K)

Family activities and website links (PDF 227K)

Knowing more about physical activity (PDF 584K)

Parent and Carer Activity Book Contents

Bubble Task (PDF 235K)

Activity Diary (PDF 193K)

Benefits of Activity- new activities (PDF )

Children and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Activity speech bubble (PDF 183K)

Benefits of activity (PDF 169K)

Activity clock (PDF 299K)

Trying new activities challenge (PDF 203K)

Session 5 is all about 'family habits' the aims are:

  • Consider family mealtimes and create some family mealtime rules.
  • To look at cooking skills in the family and introduce strategies to make the healthy option the, easier option, getting kids involved in the kitchen and trying new foods, recipe adaptations/swaps and batch cooking/recipe recycling.
  • Introduce habit stacking.
  • Consider how to adapt recipes to make them healthier.
  • Learn some strategies to help when eating out or having take-away at home (such as using fake-away recipes

Resources to support the session

Family mealtimes (PDF 234K)

Kids in the kitchen (PDF 237K)

Reward ideas (PDF 629K)

Habit stacking (PDF 396K)

Fakeaways (PDF 395K)

Healthier takeaway choices (PDF 325K)

Cost of homemade takeaways 'fakeaways' (PDF 268K)

Recipe ideas: websites and links (PDF 229K)

Parent and Carer Activity Book Contents

Bubble Task (PDF 235K)

Children and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Our family mealtime rules (PDF 167K)

I can make a meal (PDF 345K)

Habit stacking (PDF 345K)

Session 6 is all about 'habits for life' the aims are:

  • For parents and child to see the lifestyle changes and how they can continue with this healthy lifestyle.
  • Height and Weight Measurement offered.
  • Talk about how emotions influence food choices.
  • Ask about bedtime routine, sleep (quantity and quality) and rest patterns and discuss how tiredness and lethargy may affect meal and snack choices.
  • Identify any issues with self-esteem and confidence for child and other family members, Introduce mindfulness eating.
  • Planning for the future (arrange catch up sessions and pass on contact details for PH 5-19 Service)

Resources to support the session

Mindful Eating Leaflet (PDF 196K)

Emotional Eating leaflet (PDF 196K)

Building Self Esteem leaflet (PDF 196K)

Make a mindful glitter Jar (PDF 145K)

Mindful eating activity (PDF 138K)

Children and Young Person Activity Book Contents

Eating mindfully (PDF 243K)

Sleepy bedtime colouring (PDF 1,107K)