Public health 5-19 - digital wellbeing

Emotional Health and Wellbeing of young people in Cumbria: A report from the Health-Related Behaviour Survey, states that 36% of primary school children and 57% of secondary school children have a computer in their bedroom.  47 % of primary and 80% of secondary school children use Facebook for social networking.

Taking health messages to the web and using digital technologies have the ability to improve mental health and wellbeing for young people.  On each of our Health Priorities pages you will be signposted to web sites that aim to give positive health messages to children and young people.

However, young people are also telling us that using digital media on a daily basis is also having a negative impact on their emotional health and wellbeing. The links below aim to support school staff keep children safe when using the internet and also on how they can teach children how to be safe on the net. 

PH5-19 Parent digital wellbeing workshop power point (PDF 4308K) (Please email your PH Nurse for this power point)

PH5-19 Family digital wellbeing workshop power point (PDF 3308K) (Please email your PH Nurse for this power point)

PH 5-19 Internet safety parent/carer leaflet (PDF 193K)

PH 5-19 Teen internet safety leaflet (PDF 176K)

PH 5-19 Digital 5 a day leaflet (PDF 812k) 

PH 5-19 Mobile phone leaflet (PDF 1088K)