Cumbria County Council is fully committed to the government's transparency agenda. In support of this we are pleased to publish data in an 'open' format that can be re-used for personal or commercial purposes in accordance with the Open Government Licence. Please refer to the Licence section on this webpage for details on how the data may be used.

We first published data relating to 'Supplier payments over £500' in October 2010. This data is now supplemented by the addition of information relating to 'Senior Salary Information', and 'Contracts and Tenders'.

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Data published on the council's our 'open data' webpages is governed by the Open Government Licence.  You are encouraged to use and re-use the Information that is available under this licence, freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions.

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Further to Section 9P of the Local Government Act 2000 that requires the council to make its Constitution available for inspection, the Code requires the council to make it available online


Information relating to all grants made by the council to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations



Information relating to the council's land and building assets

Land and Building Assets   

Information to be published in addition to the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 (Statutory Instrument 2015/234)

Senior Salaries, Pay and Expenses

Information relating to Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union Facility Time

Information relating to the council's Waste Collection Contract(s)

Waste Contracts   

Information relating to the council's structure covering staff in the-top three levels of the organisation


Organisational Structure Chart
Parking Account and Parking Spaces*

Parking Services




Cumbria County Council operates 4 off-street car parks for the general use of the public.  The combined total of the parking spaces is 630. Throughout Cumbria there is an estimated 27,099 on-street parking spaces.  This is a combination of marked individual spaces and controlled bays not marked individually.




The number of occasions the council has used powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Powers to Require Information)(England) Regulation 2014 [or similar powers]None - Cumbria County Council is not responsible for social housing

The total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud

Cumbria County Council does not have any dedicated counter-fraud employees, investigations may be undertaken by managers or internal audit staff as determined on a case by case basis

The total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of professionally accredited counter fraud specialists

0 - the council would bring in external expertise where required

The total amount spent by the authority on the investigation and prosecution of fraud35 days

The total number of fraud cases investigated



Public Contract Regulations (Prompt Payments)


Under the PCR contracting authorities are now required to publish performance data at the end of each financial year starting with 2015-16.  The data will demonstrate performance on paying in 30 days to first tier suppliers /prime contractors over the previous 12 months.


The statistics will be:


-       % of invoices paid within 30 days

-          potential interest that could be paid to suppliers due to late payment (from 2016-17 onwards)


Financial Year  

Proportion of  Valid/Undisputed Invoices Paid within 30 Days

Interest Paid to Suppliers



£388.26 (actual interest paid)

2016-1797%  £10,308.30 





Description    Location


Council spend over 500 pounds


Information relating to invitations to tender, contract commissioned activity, purchase orders, framework

agreements and any other legally enforceable agreements with a value exceeding £5,000


Contracts and Procurement  (MSExcel)

Information relating to Government Procurement Card expenditure

2014-15 Oct-Dec  (MSExcel)

2014-15 Jan-Mar  (MSExcel)

2015-16 Apr-Jun  (MSExcel

2015-16 Jul-Sep  (MSExcel)

2015-16 Oct-Dec  (MSExcel)

2015-16 Jan-Mar  (MSExcel)

2016-17 Apr-Jun  (MSExcel)

2016-17 Jul-Sep (MSExcel)

2016-17 Oct-Dec (MSExcel)

2016-17 Jan-Mar (MSExcel)



Please note that some elements have been redacted from the contract documents listed below in accordance with instructions received from the Information Commissioner in relation to case FER0495280. 


The following information is exempt from disclosure:


  • Regulation 12(3) Personal Data - Project Agreement Clauses 7.3.2 , 10.4 and 62/Schedules 2, 16 and 30
  • Regulation 12(5)(c) Intellectual Property Rights   - Schedule 2
  • Regulation 12(5)(e) Commercial and Economic Information - Project Agreement Clauses 1, 6.3.1, 6.3.2, 7.3.2, 8.5.1, 8.6.1,  26.12A,27B.4.1(b)/Schedules 2,5,12,17,23,26,34


Project Agreement and Schedules



Deeds of Variation



Schedule 2 Appendices



Please note:  work is currently being undertaken to publish appendix 3 and 54 to this contract and this page will be updated in due course